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NatuLogicTM GENESIS is part of our Synergistic Bio Stimulating product range and  consists of a portfolio of unique supplements and boutique Agri Input products, focusing on among others Soil Rejuvenation, Plant Health Stimulation and Composting Aids. NatuLogicTM is associated with IFOAM, and ACTIF;  many of our products are certified by OMRI and ECO Cert, which allows them to be used on organic farms.

30 Years+ Experience

We come to your market to demonstrate the results that can be achieved, offering the best of the Organic World and introducing these products to the conventional commodity farmers. Not through trials but through commercial field applications.


The NatuLogicTM GENESIS products have been extensively tested during the past 30+ years and are proven cost-effective: if by whatever reason the forecasted results are not there, we will treat again, on our costs. We know that it works and how to manipulate the secondary conditions required for successful cultivation. Case histories are available upon request. Visit also our page on Facebook and our website www.natulogic.co .


Enhanced Crop Management

The significance of poor seed germination and crop production, expense of costly chemicals, the threat of GMO crop infiltration causing a decline in seed company profits and increased cost to the small and large farmers, and the fear of continued droughts and failed food production call for a change in crop management.


SAHAM GLOBAL executes comprehensive sets of crop and seed commercial applications that will signify the change necessary for new crop management practices that will not only mitigate crop failures and poor crop performance, but will show the large and small farmers overall savings that far exceed the cost of the organic portfolio of NatuLogicTM . The products have demonstrated over the years that crop performance, even in severe drought conditions, can be enhanced and maximized to have consistent and scalable crop production, growing season after growing season.


Self-Decomposing Soil, Plant & Water Treatment Products

“The cost of fertilizers, seeds that underperform, harsh chemicals that harm the microbial soil life and subsequently the human body, contaminated drinking water from chemical runoff, and the loss of human life and animals is no longer an acceptable way of life. NatuLogic TM Genesis offers the answers to that”.

Jan Willem van Es,

Chief Executive Officer


Environmentally dedicated


GENESIS treated

Agri, Horti & Livestock