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Environmentally dedicated

SAHAM GLOBAL is the trading name of Dubai licensed SAHAM Star General Trading LLC. SAHAM GLOBAL sources its products from boutique manufacturers around the world, who have registered their products under ECOCERT, Organic Certifiers and OMRI, the leading institutions in control of organic (agricultural) activities or have been proven dedicated to use only natural occurring ingredients in their production processes.

At SAHAM we market products that work together synergistically to solve old problems without creating new ones. These products were designed to be  Hard working and Efficient—Extremely Versatile - Safe for People, Animals and the Environment—Easy to Use—Bottom Line Friendly


Establish a globally recognized Centre of Excellence in Environmental Responsible business protocols across the AgriFood value chain.


To become our client’s leading supply partner and educate  all stakeholders on the role they play in reducing the environmental footprint of soon 9 billion people living on planet Earth.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

SAHAM is committed to doing good for a better world through the SAHAM product  and consultancy offering. One of our business relations said: “I was born on a cotton farm in the South of the US and realize that my generation has caused a great deal of damage to our planet. Now at the age of 64, I want to contribute to developments that not only benefit businesses, but also the quality of the environment.

Caption: the Kilome Project, Kenya: 256 BIDCO farmers using NatuLogic TM GENESIS to achieve higher yield.


Caption: Sunflower Project Njoro, Kenya: BIDCO farmers using NatuLogic TM GENESIS treatment resulting in higher yields, reduced production costs.


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