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Environmentally dedicated

is  an initiative of Executives around the world  who have decided to join forces in the Marketing of their Natural and/or Biologically based detergents, water treatment and agriculture and turf management products.

“Backwards innovating” as we call it or back to the basics, is essential in making a difference in the world we live in today. Embracing existing cutting edge technology provides many advantages. This is why we join forces in:

Ž Reducing global water consumption

Ž Reducing operational budgets for governments and commercial companies

Ž Providing a healthy working environment for people

Ž Reduce our Environmental Footprint


We offer our expertise for key notes and congresses. Together we can make a change, globally!

Follow this link for more info about Green-X-Change



Agricolis Limited is a Contract Farm Management company,  providing agricultural services to land owners and real estate development companies that whish to create value from their properties during the permit and construction phases. Other clients just wish to have their land being cultivated without the risks of managing the farm. Agricolis is their natural Contract Farming Solutions partner. Agricolis offers land-owners outsourcing and financing contracts for temporally and semi-permanent agriculture on the abandoned farm lands which they own as preparation for future commercial and residential real estate.

Agricolis is at the same time an Integrated Supply Chain Partner of selected multinational food processors, who have contracted Agricolis for the supply of agri bulk commodities such as barley, sorghum, soy beans, wheat, maize and sunflowers, but also specialties like potatoes, arrow roots and bamboo.



Heidelberg Geo Bio Consult is providing high-level expertise services in terms of element exchange processes within the rock - soil - vegetation system (Geo-Bio Interaction). This new field of environmental science allows us to provide various geological, pedological and biological services for our costumers worldwide. With the profound knowledge of element exchange processes, HGBC can offer the following services: Plantation audits, quality verifications of element cycles, nutrient and fertility management of soils and crops, rock & soil mineral determination as well as classical geochemical assessments of rocks, soils and plants. Follow this link for more info about HGBC