Squeezing more power out of ordinary fuel

By adding unique Fuel Additives to its portfolio, SAHAM GLOBAL demonstrates

its commitment to making Energy Efficiency Increasing Solutions globally

accessible to onshore fleet management and marine vessel companies operating

in the EMEA Zone and Continental Europe.


Key Benefits

 Compliant with strictest Californian and European Emission rules

 Removes all hard carbon deposits in combustion chamber.

 Inhibits the formation of all hard carbon deposit

 Lower Engine Operating Temperature

 Fuel consumption savings

 Extends lubricant oil life

 Extends equipment life

 Increased torque



25+-Year Proven Technology

Originating from the U.S.A., these products are

based on a technology originally developed by

a rocket fuel scientist while working in the aerospace industry more than twenty years ago. The technology referred to above has very specific benefits that are of great interest to organizations that consume fluid and solid hydrocarbon-based fuels.


In his efforts to complete projects for NASA, Morton Thiokol, and other aerospace companies, contractors and sub-contractors, the scientist discovered different ways and processes to catalyze carbon-based fuels in extremely efficient ways. All the while, the technology originally developed continued to be tested, developed and refined.


All SAHAM supplied Fuel Additives are certified by the U.S.A. Environmental Protection Agency, and are legally recognized being compliant with Engine Manufacturers warranty specifications.


Our portfolio consists of:

 FEROX BikeTabs, Truck Tabs, FuelTabs and 230Bunker HFO Additives

 Bio-Shock preservative for bulk fuel tanks

 ColdFlow anti-flock to keep your equipment running under artic conditions



Environmentally dedicated

This event is sponsored by Fuel Infusion; improve Fuel Efficiency with 10-15%. The Wernery Family is planning to travel around the World as part of an awareness campaign to reduce environmental footprint.

Energy Efficiency Additives