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Detergents | Sanitizers | Water & Soil Treatment Materials | Plant Growth Regulators & Health Stimulants. A line of NatuLogicTM Bio-Active products that cover the entire value chain  from supplements for Agri/Horticulture and Animal Farms, Professional cleaners and sanitizers for Housekeeping, Stewarding and Engineering, through septic tank and sewage treatment boosters, till amenity water smell eliminators.



NatuLogicTM Bio-Active

Experience your precious surfaces become as new again.

NeroQom is leading in Aesthetic Comfort. Cleaning, renovation,  upgrading  and protecting glass, powder coated and anodized aluminum, stainless steel,  masonry, polyplast and cladding.


NeroQom Surface Renovation & Protection

Swiss precision for high rise and PV Parcs.

When conventional  cleaning does not work or abseilers are too uneconomical, than you are a prospect for our patented GEKKO and  CleanAnt robots. Developed in Switzerland by Serbot AG, the specialist in mobile and permanently installed  building maintenance units and curtain wall mounting systems.

SERBOT Robot Climbing Systems with Automated Cleaning

The invisible US patented Anti-Slip treatment

US Patented Anti-Slip Solution reduces the risk and dangers of slip and  fall and the resultant potential of personal injury, lawsuits, litigation costs, employee days lost and increased insurance costs. The increased coefficient of friction gained when surfaces are treated with Grip On Anti-Slip Solution is a positive proven safety solution for owners of residential and commercial properties. Wet and moist surfaces are automatically skip and slip resistant. Can be used on almost hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, glazed brick, marble, polished stone, terrazzo, river rock.

Grip On Anti Slip Treatment

Removes any tough rust stains in only seconds—ACID FREE!

Oxi-Kill is based on a unique, acid-free, patented formula. Can be applied without Personal Protection Gear and is very suitable for “Do It Yourself” application by engineering and housekeeping departments. Applicable on tiles, walls, concrete, marble, brass ornaments, pots, etc. Without damaging your sensitive materials!

OXI KILL Removing Discoloration from your precious surfaces


Environmentally dedicated

NatuLogic Bio-Active cleaning power

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